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Our valves do not leave our premises without first being “checked out”. On our modern test benches we offer tests according to API 598, EN12266-1 and -2, ANSI FCI 70-2, ISO 5208 and also other customer specific requirements. On request also with chart recorder monitoring.

We perform leakage tests with the following test media:

  • water
  • air
  • nitrogen
  • helium

Furthermore, the following tests can be conducted by us on request:

  • Helium test according to SPE77/312 class B or customer requirement
  • Cryotest according to BS6364 or customer requirement
  • Emission tests according to ISO 15848-2
  • PMI test
  • NDE tests (X-ray, ultrasonic, dye penetrant and magnetic particle inspection)

Our test stand is equipped with automated bubble and drop counter.






Over time, the requirements for a valve may change. We check with you whether the valves already installed still fit the design parameters or whether the valves should be replaced.

Spare parts


We document every valve we manufacture. Therefore, even after years, we can still trace back the components from which your valve was manufactured and, based on this information, offer you the appropriate spare parts. Of course, we have a large quantity of spare parts in our stock and can therefore offer you a short delivery time.

Customer service


You can reach us on weekdays in the time from 8 – 16 o’clock under 02333/9856-5 or by E-Mail under

On our homepage under the menu item “Service” you will also find our download area. There you will find our current flyers, our image brochure and our data sheets.




We offer our customers and all interested parties various training courses, seminars and also webinars! Our experienced trainers, who are all our own employees, will explain you the structure of a valve, the maintenance of it and the application areas of our products.

Check-Up/ Inspection


Is the valve leaking? The actuator does not do what it should? If there are problems with our products, we will send an experienced technician to you to find a solution as quickly as possible.

Maintenance/ repair


We do not use external companies. Our in-house mechanics know our products very well and repair them directly on site! If this should not be possible, then we repair your valve also with us in the house.



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